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Elliott Aaron Opens Gallery Doors for Line-Up of New Work

Elliott Aaron Opens Gallery Doors for Line-Up of New Work
The Chicago-based artist will be showing new abstract works in exhibitions throughout March 2018

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – February 14, 2018–  Artist Elliott Aaron, with Artbeat Gallery, will be showing his latest series of abstract works throughout the end of March. Chicago’s entertainment scene wouldn’t be the same without artist Elliott Aaron of Artbeat Live. Aaron is known for his performance art at major events, raising millions of dollars for charities and creating work that is just as exciting to observe as it is to collect.

Aaron’s abstract expressionist pieces channel his connection with rhythm, vibrant colors, and texture. From the artist’s statement,  My work is an exploration of shape and color, a way for me to push the boundaries of abstract work as a whole, and a means of connecting, visually and emotionally, with the viewer.

All are welcome to explore this new line of work coming from an artist whose mission is founded on creating joy for others.

2018 February 22nd, 23rd, 6pm-9pm
2018 March 15th, 16th, 6pm-9pm
2018 March 29th, 30th

Aubrie Wienholt, Public Relations Representative
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